Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas 1996

Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas 1996 Automotive Electricians Portal FZCO Automotive Electricians Portal FZCO
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List of elements for Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas 1996:

  • Abs/traction control module, wind- shield washer fluid level switch, hood switch, right headlamp, wind- shield washer pump, headlamp washer pump, right horn, right front lighting control module (1995)
  • Air bag diagnostic monitor
  • Body processor module, lighting switches, instrument pack, column/ mirror movement control module, fascia trunk release switch, ignition switch, fascia switch pack, column switchgear
  • Brake fluid level switch, coolant level switch, heater valve, heater circulator pump, wiper motor, left & right front windshield heaters, left front lighting control module (1995)
  • Brake switch, driver door switch, driver door switch pack, driver side mirror heater, cabin accessory connector (short wheelbase only), fold-back mirror switch
  • Column switchgear, trunk switch, hand brake switch, air conditioning control module, trunk release switch, driver door key barrel switch, valet switch, anti-theft inclination switch, data link connector
  • Driver seat control module
  • Engine control module
  • Engine control module sensor shield wires, engine control module, air conditioning control module, abs/ traction control module, right fog lamp, right side marker lamp, right side repeater, right front direction indicator lamp, ambient temperature switch
  • Fascia switch pack, front cigar lighter, rear cigar lighter, linear gear position switch, transmission shift mode select switch, center console switch pack, not-in-park microswitch, data link connector, transmission control module (4.0l), rotary switch
  • Fuel pump (4.0l), fuel pump 1 & fuel pump 2 (6.0l), radio power amplifier
  • G100 (left forward ground stud)
  • G101 (6.0l only) (right forward ems stud)
  • G107 (right forward ground stud)
  • G116 (left bulkhead ground stud)
  • G123 (right bulkhead ground stud)
  • G202 (airbag ground screw)
  • G206 (left console ground stud)
  • G206 (radio ground stud)
  • G206 (right console ground stud)
  • G300 (left seat ground stud)
  • G301 (right seat ground stud)
  • G302 (center console ground stud)
  • G302 (right heelboard ground stud)
  • G304 (left heelboard ground stud)
  • G401 (front trunk ground stud)
  • G401 (logic ground stud)
  • G405 (rear trunk ground stud)
  • G900 (left "a" post ground stud)
  • G901 (right "a" post ground stud)
  • G904 (parcel shelf ground screw, left "c" pillar)
  • High mounted stop lamp, passenger door switch, right rear door switch, air conditioning isolate relay, driver door lock actuator, passenger door lock actuator, left rear door lock actuator, right rear door lock actuator, passenger mirror heater, passenger window lift switch pack, right rear window lift switch pack, cigar lighter relay
  • Ignition coil relay, fuel injection main relay, power steering pressure switch, secondary air injection pump clutch, refrigerant dual pressure switch
  • Interior/map lamps console, heated rear window (backlight), sliding roof control module, electrochromic rear view mirror, cabin accessory connector (1996 long wheelbase only)
  • Left heater blower motor, right heater blower motor, air conditioning control module
  • Left radiator cooling fan motor, fan control relay module, radiator thermostatic switch, left headlamp, left fog lamp, left side marker, left front repeater, left front direction indicator, wiper on/off relay, left horn, secondary air injection reaction pump, refrigerant triple pressure switch (4.0l only), supercharger intercooler coolant pump (4.0l supercharged only)
  • Left rear door switch, fuel filler flap relay, door unlock relay, door lock relay, left rear window lift switch pack, left heater blower high speed relay, right heater blower high speed relay
  • Passenger seat control module
  • Radio antenna motor, caravan/trailer connector, accessory relay, left side marker lamp, left tail lamp, lamp control module (1996), rear lighting control module (1995), fuel level sensor, left number plate lamp, right number plate lamp, right side marker lamp, right tail lamp, trunk release relay, trunk release actuator, trunk accessory connector
  • Radio/cassette