Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Infiniti G37 Sport 2008

Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Infiniti G37 Sport 2008 Automotive Electricians Portal FZCO Automotive Electricians Portal FZCO
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List of elements for Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Infiniti G37 Sport 2008:

  • 4was main control unit, 4was rear motor relay, noise suppressor & bose amplifier
  • 4was main control unit, seat belt buckle switch (driver side), left pre-crash seat belt motor, air bag diagnosis sensor unit, front seat (driver side), seat belt buckle switch (driver side) & driver seat control unit
  • Air bag diagnosis sensor unit
  • B17
  • B202
  • B217
  • B224
  • B24
  • B403
  • B61
  • Cooling fan control module, ipdm e/r (intelligent power distribution module engine room), hood switch, left front combination lamp & washer level switch
  • Data link connector, unified meter & a/c amplifier, combination meter, steering angle sensor, vdc off switch, power steering control unit, 4was front control unit, pre-crash seat belt control unit, front passenger air bag off indicator, air bag diagnosis sensor unit, fuse block (j/b), heated seat switch (passenger side), body control module, tilt & telescopic switch, automatic drive positioner control unit, seat memory switch, power window main switch, driver side door lock assembly, trunk lid opener switch, trunk lid opener cancel switch, sunroof switch, door mirror remote control switch, multifunction switch, cigarette lighter socket, power socket, (driver side) door mirror, clock, display unit, av control unit, auxiliary input jacks, camera control unit, power steering solenoid valve, heated seat relay & heated seat switch (driver side)
  • E22
  • E23
  • E46
  • Engine control module, a/t device, body control module, paddle shifter (up/down), resistor, blower motor, auto anti-dazzling inside mirror, key slot, power window sub-switch, push button iginition switch, steering lock unit, sunroof motor assembly, multifunction switch, asf control unit, right headlamp swivel actuator, map lamp, left vanity mirror lamp, right vanity mirror lamp, glove box lamp, combination switch, (passenger side) door mirror, clock, electric throttle control actuator (bank 2) shield, air fuel ratio sensor shield, manifold absolute pressure sensor shield & diode
  • F34
  • Icc brake hold relay, combination meter, unified meter and a/c amplifier, brake fluid level switch, horn, right front combination lamp, front wiper motor & icc sensor integrated unit
  • Ignition coils, transmission control module & condenser
  • Left rear combination lamp, trunk lid lock assembly, left rear combination lamp, right rear combination lamp, left license plate lamp, right license plate lamp & high-mounted stop lamp
  • M11
  • M55
  • M95
  • Rear window defogger
  • Satellite radio tuner, tel adapter unit & camera control unit
  • Seat belt buckle switch (passenger side), right pre-crash seat belt motor, occupant classification system control unit, air bag diagnosis sensor unit, front seat (passenger side), tel adapter unit & camera control unit