Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2009

Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2009 Automotive Electricians Portal FZCO Automotive Electricians Portal FZCO
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List of elements for Ground Distribution Wiring Diagram for Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2009:

  • Asc off switch, combination meter, accessory socket (rear floor console), accessory socket (front floor console), cigarette lighter (front floor console), data link connector, left front door lock actuator, left front door lock switch, headlight leveling switch, left door mirror assembly, heated seat relay, left front door unlock sensor, meter information switch, etacs-ecu, power window main switch, remote controlled mirror switch, shift switch assembly & shift lever
  • Audio amplifier, driver's side seat belt switch, left heated seat assembly & right heated seat assembly
  • Awc-ecu
  • Battery
  • Can box unit, a/c control panel, a/c ecu, power transistor, satellite radio tuner, center panel unit, radio & cd player, key reminder switch, right front door lock actuator, front power window sub switch, wireless control module (w/o kos), kos-ecu (if equipped), column switch, hands free module, heater control panel (manual a/c), a/c control panel (automatic a/c), right door mirror assembly, right front door lock switch, right front door unlock sensor, audio visual navigation unit & paddle shift switch
  • Combination meter & srs-ecu
  • Data link connector & combination meter
  • Electric pump, proportioning valve, right rear combination turn signal light, right rear combination stop light & right rear combination taillight/side marker light
  • Engine control module
  • Engine control module, condenser fan motor & fan control relay
  • Fuel pump module
  • G1 (at right front corner of engine compt)
  • G10 (at left "c" pillar)
  • G11 (left side of luggage compt)
  • G12 (left of drivers seat)
  • G13 (behind left side of dash)
  • G14 (behind left kick panel)
  • G15 (left front of center console)
  • G16 (rear of engine compt)
  • G17 (left front engine compt)
  • G18 (left front engine compt)
  • G19 (left side engine compt)
  • G2 (except 2.0l (turbo): right rear of engine) (2.0l (turbo): rear of engine)
  • G20 (left side engine compt)
  • G3 (2.0l (turbo): left rear of engine) (except 2.0l (turbo): (rear of engine)
  • G4 (behind right kick panel)
  • G5 (right of accelerator pedal)
  • G6 (behind center of dash)
  • G7 (top left side of headliner)
  • G9 (at right "c" pillar)
  • Heated seat switch
  • Ignition coil 1, ignition coil 2, ignition coil 3 & ignition coil 4
  • Left headlight assembly (w/o drl), electric pump relay, brake fluid level switch, left fog light, right fog light, cvt control relay, injector relay, starter relay & windshield wiper motor
  • Left rear combination turn-signal light, left rear combination stop light, trunk lid lock actuator & left rear combination taillight/side marker light
  • Lighting control sensor (w/ automatic light), front dome light & sunroof motor assembly
  • Right backup light, left backup light, trunk lid opener, high-mounted stop light, left license plate light, right license plate light, right tail light & left tail light
  • Right front seat assembly
  • Right headlight assembly
  • Right heated seat assembly seat belt switch, left heated seat assembly seat belt switch & audio amplifier
  • Steering wheel sensor
  • Stop light switch, clutch pedal position switch (m/t), left headlight assembly (w/drl), right headlight assembly (w/drl), left side turn signal light & shift lever
  • Transaxle assembly
  • Transaxle control module, left headlight assembly (w/o drl), right headlight assembly (w/o drl), asc-ecu & abs-ecu
  • Turbo